Wedding Feature: The Pederson's

Have I mentioned how much I love weddings?? This one is definitely one of my favorites! Not only is it in the most beautiful setting but its an amazing couple who created a gorgeous space for their day.  It was a joy being able to create their menus!

They brought in food trucks, which was my favorite, and offered some really delicious food. I mean my mouth watered just typing the menu options!

Here are some pictures of their day, courtesy of Custock Photography.  

Congrats Anna and KC!

The Bride Guide

Wedding design can be confusing and difficult in the beginning.  This 2 page PDF is a complete guide and timeline to make it easy and fun to design your wedding print and digital pieces!  My clients get this for free and it has been extremely helpful so I am making it available to everyone.

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Weekend Tidbits

Looking back on this weekend, I didn't feel like I did a great job documenting it or really had much going on except eating... a lot of eating and trying out new restaurants.  It was the perfect, relaxing, weekend before the organizational nightmare that is moving.

My weekend suggestions are:

Sway on Friday and had some of the best Thai food I have ever had.  Seriously you should go.  Get a beer at the bar and wait for a table inside.  The vibe is amazing and the kitchen is open which I always love.  Order the po-pea jay and the kai yaang and honestly one of everything.

Snooze I (along with my willing boyfriend) took Posy for some socialization and we tried out the ever so talked about Snooze.  Denver, you do pancakes right, thanks for coming to Austin. Get a flight of pancakes and the big breakfast platter and split it. So good. Side note for you Austinites: you cannot take a dog to the N. Lamar location, only S. Lamar. 

So, here are pictures of some of the food I ate and my dog bc all I really do some weekends is eat food and hang out with her.

Wedding Feature: The Mckinney's

I love weddings and I love designing for them.  One of my very best friends got married recently, and she asked me to do the design for her day!  I am obsessed with how they turned out.  

Paige and Stefan are beautiful and classy, so the design was minimal but elegant.  It blended in so well with the Prospect House backdrop, the gold accents, and the beautiful greenery.

Here are a few picture from the day, courtesy of Lee Ann Funk Photography.  I mean could this couple be any more good looking??

The Bride Guide

Wedding design can be confusing and difficult in the beginning.  This 2 page PDF is a complete guide and timeline to make it easy and fun to design your wedding print and digital pieces!  My clients get this for free and it has been extremely helpful so I am making it available to everyone.

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Complete Guide to Wedding Design

I have a lot of brides come to me overwhelmed, unsure, and in need of advice. Wedding design can be scary and expensive if you have no idea what you are doing, but, if you are prepared when going to talk to your designer or going at it DIY you can really eliminate a lot of the stress!  

I have created a bridal checklist to make things much easier! This PDF is something I offer my clients for free, but I wanted to offer it to everyone in hopes that you will feel a little less stressed about designing the wedding suite of your dreams.

The Bride Guide
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In this 3 page PDF you will get:

  • Description of everything you will need printed
  • A timeline for when to start each piece
  • A price estimate 
  • A notes page

Weekend Tidbits

Here are a few tidbits from this past weekend!  After 5 days of traveling, it was nice to be in my city and catch up with a few of my favorite people and eat at a few of my favorite spots around town.  

I am constantly falling in love with this city and lately I have been trying to make a point to notice the little pieces of it that make it so amazing.  Every restaurant, graffiti and even the ice cream seems to be art.

p.s. if you're wondering why i'm at home depot using a saw, stay tuned.  there's a DIY post coming this week and i am really excited to share it!

Sunday Moods

This Sunday mood board is brought to you by pink accents, a DIY inspo piece (stay tuned), the beach, empty apartments and bar stools (because I finally signed a lease. yay !!!) plus some flamingos. 

Heres to hoping your week is full of simple beauty and small (maybe a few big) wins.

Bathroom Inspo

I love bathrooms, like love them. I can sit on the floor of a good bathroom and read, write or just think.  Having a nice bathroom is definitely on my bucket list for a future home, but for now I can settle for finding inspiration online (apparently I really like wooden ladders used as towel racks).

Hopefully this inspires some of you to build your dream bathroom, if so, send me some pics!

Tech Spruce

Here is a little Thursday inspiration to get you to the weekend because 4 day weeks mean the weekend is closer than you think

 Click to download!

Click to download!

Weekend tidbits

The long weekend meant a trip to Aspen!  Here are the weekend tidbits

City Feature: Pebble Beach, Calif

Every year my family takes a trip to Pebble Beach / Carmel by the Sea and it is by far the most beautiful and relaxing place I have been to.  Time slows down there and you never seem to care if it catches up. 

Here are my top 5 things to do there (in no particular order):

1. Pebble Beach Golf Links: Now I'm really no good at Golf, but the Pebble Beach Golf Course should really be on everyones bucket list.  Whether you are Tiger Woods or not, take a camera and look around you, it is some of the most beautiful sites in California. 

2. The Bagpipes at the Inn and Spanish Bay: Every. single. night. there is a bagpipe player that walks the golf course at the Inn and Spanish Bay and plays for the masses that come to listen. You sit on the green of the 18, or walk the course with him, but he comes around and plays, rain or shine. 

3. Mission Ranch: By far my favorite place there, and honestly in the world (so far) is MIssion Ranch.  Clint Eastwood is like Mayor or something but he also owns a ranch out there and it is home to a restaurant that should be on Chef's Table.  Go. Sit outside. Get the Steak. Watch the sunset.

4. Big Sur: This year we hopped in a convertible and drove some of Big Sur.  While we didn't have time to drive too far, we got to see a little bit of it.  Now, Big Sur, in my opinion, has the most gorgeous views ever so getting to be with my family when they saw it for the first time was such a fun experience.  If you have never done so, drive Big Sur and send me all of your pictures, I cant get enough!

5. Horseback Riding at Pebble Beach: Every year, my brother and dad play more golf than my mom and I can handle, so we discovered that you can take a horseback ride through the beach and the golf courses in the area.  I love horses so this is an obvious choice for us, but even if you don't this is a must!  Ask for Fred, he's always the best horse!

Here are a few pictures from our trip this year:

Fashion Basics

This summer I have decided that simple is better when it comes to fashion.  Probably because I'm a little lazy but also because Madewell says so.  A basic T and denim mixed with a simple flat has become my staple, when I actually get dressed and leave the house *cough* freelancers *cough*.

Here are a few looks I've been going for lately that can hopefully start a lazy, but too cool for you, trend in your life as well.

5 Puppy Must-Haves

I just got a puppy.  She is the best and hardest thing to ever happen to this freelancer, no schedule, spur of the moment, girl.  I have had to wake up early, think through my day and commit to something.  All of these things are made worth it by how cute she is, but what I have found is that there are a few things that have made this transition a lot easier.

1. Dog + Bone Collar

A local Austin company, they produce hand made and locally sourced collars and leashes. 

2. Zippy Paws Emoji Toys

Have you ever seen anything cuter than emoji and donut dog toys? They are Posy's go to toy, and trust me, she has a lot to choose from!

3. Kong

Ever need to get anything done without your pup bugging you?  Get one of these and freeze some peanut butter in it.  It will keep them occupied for an hour!  It has also been vital in crate training. 

4. Blanket

Every new puppy needs a blanket!  I bring hers every time we go to a new place so she always has something with a familiar scent on it.  Plus, I found this adorable, pink, one from Target.

5. Bed

Pro Tip: Home Goods has the best, and most affordable pet beds!  I got the best little grey one for $15.