City Feature: Pebble Beach, Calif

Every year my family takes a trip to Pebble Beach / Carmel by the Sea and it is by far the most beautiful and relaxing place I have been to.  Time slows down there and you never seem to care if it catches up. 

Here are my top 5 things to do there (in no particular order):

1. Pebble Beach Golf Links: Now I'm really no good at Golf, but the Pebble Beach Golf Course should really be on everyones bucket list.  Whether you are Tiger Woods or not, take a camera and look around you, it is some of the most beautiful sites in California. 

2. The Bagpipes at the Inn and Spanish Bay: Every. single. night. there is a bagpipe player that walks the golf course at the Inn and Spanish Bay and plays for the masses that come to listen. You sit on the green of the 18, or walk the course with him, but he comes around and plays, rain or shine. 

3. Mission Ranch: By far my favorite place there, and honestly in the world (so far) is MIssion Ranch.  Clint Eastwood is like Mayor or something but he also owns a ranch out there and it is home to a restaurant that should be on Chef's Table.  Go. Sit outside. Get the Steak. Watch the sunset.

4. Big Sur: This year we hopped in a convertible and drove some of Big Sur.  While we didn't have time to drive too far, we got to see a little bit of it.  Now, Big Sur, in my opinion, has the most gorgeous views ever so getting to be with my family when they saw it for the first time was such a fun experience.  If you have never done so, drive Big Sur and send me all of your pictures, I cant get enough!

5. Horseback Riding at Pebble Beach: Every year, my brother and dad play more golf than my mom and I can handle, so we discovered that you can take a horseback ride through the beach and the golf courses in the area.  I love horses so this is an obvious choice for us, but even if you don't this is a must!  Ask for Fred, he's always the best horse!

Here are a few pictures from our trip this year:

TravelKalie Cirinna