How to: The Perfect Wedding Website

Wedding websites are becoming more and more popular and I have totally fallen in love with them! As someone who is constantly helping people plan the creative side of their wedding, I get to see the pains that come along with fielding constant questions, communicating information, and hotel logistics. A wedding website is one place where your guests can go and learn everything they need to know about your big day! It also lets you show off your engagement pictures in one more location :) 

Here are 5 ways to get the perfect wedding website:

1. Domain Name: You can get a custom domain name that has you and your fiance's name, your hashtag, or really anything you want! This allows guests a simple access to your website and for under $20 you can have your very own .com!

2. RSVP Page: Online RSVP is the very best. I have seen it take brides from overwhelmed to google docs. It organizes everything for you and automatically uploads the responses for you. I know it is a little less formal, and some of my brides offer both options, but save everyone a little time and money on stamps and offer online RSVP!

3. Wedding Details: You can add a map. You can add the hotel block. You can even add song requests! When your guests are wondering what time it starts, how to get to the venue, or where to stay, you can point them to one page! No more confusion. 

4. Registry: You spent hours at the store scanning those plates and linens and, honestly, if you didn't hit up the new Anthro Registry, you should. Why wouldn't you want to link everyone directly to your registry on your website? No more searching for you on because you can link them directly to it with one click! Your guests can buy from your registry online, so help them out and show them where to go!

5. Squarespace: Seriously there is no better service out there. For like $12 a month you can run your website for the few months leading up to your wedding. You can DIY it pretty easily or hire someone like me to do it all for you! There is a reason I work exclusively with Squarespace and it is because they truly think of everything. 

There is so much more to making the perfect wedding website but these 5 things will help you get on the right track!